Chicks Rule Farm is now Nutmeg Farm

Chicks Rule Farm is a small farm in central Connecticut and we are happy to announce that Chicks Rule Farm has merged with Nutmeg Farm.

We breed and raise pigs. We believe in farming methods handed down for generations. Here you will find animals raised on pasture. We produce high quality pigs to feed your family.

We raise pigs for people who would want to raise their own food but do not have the acreage to do so.

If you have the space in your back yard we offer piglets for you to raise yourself. Keep in mind that piglets are in high demand in the spring so reserve your piglets early.
A frequently asked question is … How many months will it take a piglet to reach butchering size? Typically, it takes is five to six to months. Although, you can slaughter a pig at any size. Most pigs over 250 pounds start putting on more fat and less muscle as well as being less efficient at turning feed into pork.

If your looking for roaster pigs plan a month or more in advance of your event date. For example if you are looking for a pig for Memorial Day or the 4th of July give us a call in March/April or May /June to reserve your pig.