The most economical way to buy pork is to buy a whole or half of a pig. Here’s how it works.

A deposit is paid to reserve your share of a pig either half or whole in advance. Call for details. When your pig reaches live market weight (200 – 260 pounds), we will contact you to confirm the processing date and will bring the pig to a local processor for slaughtering. Once the animal is delivered you can contact the butcher to discuss with him how the pig is to be cut and wrapped.

Whole or half shares of an animal are sold by “Hanging weight,” ($4 per pound) this is the weight of the animal when it arrives at the butcher. The hanging weight of a whole pig is typically 200 pounds for a 260 pound live weight animal. The slaughter house and or butcher will charge a separate fee for slaughter, cutting and wrapping and any curing (ham) and sausage is extra.